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RCS Infra Red Burner fits RON30A, RON38A, RON42A-IR30 zoom
RCS Infra Red Burner fits RON30A, RON38A, RON42A-IR30
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RCS Infra Red Burner, RON30A, RON38A, RON42A-IR30

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Optional Infra-Red Burner for REAL high-heat searing ability on all RCS grills. Now you can add the super cooking performance of infrared to any RCS grill. This unit is easy to install and replaces one of your existing burners. All you need is a Philips screwdriver and in 10 minutes you’re done! With the Infrared Burner option you can cook thin pieces of meat and vegetable in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Fajitas come out cooked on the outside and still tender and juicy on the inside since it cooks so quickly. Sear your favorite steak and cook it well outside, rare inside. OR just sear the outside and then move it to one of the conventional burners to slow down the cooking process. This allows you to have a thick steak cooked just like the finest steak shops! Vegetable are also fun to cook on an infrared and make great tasting and healthy appetizers. Just cut larger items in 1/4″ thick strips (like zucchini), baste them in an olive oil mix, place on the grill and turn them a couple of times and they are done! Call Now (855) 236-6125


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Product Detail

  • RCS Infra Red Burner, RON30A, RON38A, RON42A
  • Height: 9
  • Width:  16
  • Depth:  3


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