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RCS 40″ Premier Grill W/Rear Burner-Natural Gas-RJC40A

Original price was: $2,633.00.Current price is: $2,239.00.


RCS 40″ Premier Grill W/Rear Burner-Natural Gas-RJC40A
Check out the value-priced, RCS Premier Series 40 inch stainless steel BBQ grills. Now you can have a high quality RCS product at an economical price. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors while enjoying one of these stainless steel grills. The Premier Series Grills feature stainless steel tube burners, sure strike ignition with backup manual flash tubes, cross-over tubes between burners, full width slide-out drip tray, stainless steel warming rack, briquette flavor grids, solid stainless steel cooking grids, and oversized easy-turn control knobs. An infrared searing burner upgrade is also available! All of these features are packed into a grill with a powerful cooking system and an immense cooking surface. The fuel type is field convertible for future changes. Notice – MUST be installed in a non-combustible cabinet for outdoor kitchen applications. Natural Gas.

Key Features

RCS 40″ Premier Grill W/Rear Burner-Natural Gas-RJC40A


RCS 40″ Premier Grill W/Rear Burner-Natural Gas-RJC40A
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RCS 40″ Premier Grill W/Rear Burner-Natural Gas-RJC40A

Proposition 65

“Proposition 65,” requires entities doing business in California to provide warnings to consumers about significant exposures to chemicals that have been identified by the state to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

Specific products that contain these chemicals are marked during shipping. Should you like to know before purchase, please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-236-6125.

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Position 65 OEHHA

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RCS 40″ Premier Grill W/Rear Burner-Natural Gas-RJC40A
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